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15-amalgam 15-composite





Amalgam is what dentists call silver filling material.

At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, Washington, we stopped placing amalgam fillings in 2006 because newer composite material is better for the tooth in the long-run.  Composite requires much less tooth structure to be cut away, creates a seal to the tooth, and is more supportive to the tooth.  Occasionally, concerned patients ask about amalgam, and here is our reply:

Do you use mercury?

We do not place silver or mercury fillings anymore.

Silver fillings were developed in Europe in 1812 and have been used in America since 1833.

While some people may have sensitivity to certain metals, silver fillings in general have been proven to be safe.

Silver fillings last a long time but in order to place them, the tooth has to be cut more severely.  The bottom of the hole has to be wider than the…

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